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This post was written by Andy Mort

The Hardest Kind of Question to Answer

by Andy Mort | 8 Comments

It might not sound like a difficult thing to answer, but there is a question I get asked a lot to which I’ve noticed that I always struggle to find a response…

‘How’s the music going?’

It’s a completely normal, acceptable, and appropriate thing to ask me. I am after all a songwriter and musician. But I get thrown every single time I get asked it; my mind goes blank, and I get so lost in how I can possible answer that invariably I say little more than ‘yeah it’s fine – I’m doing a fair bit of stuff‘ and other generalisations.

There are many questions that provoke the same kind of response in me:

‘What have you been up to?’

‘How was your day?’


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In Podcast

By Andy Mort

#002: Cartoon Characters

by Andy Mort | One Comment


Download from iTunes.

The second podcast of 2012 is here.

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Overcome your Fear of Success This Year

by Andy Mort | One Comment

In the last two posts I discussed how we understand success, our inevitable misconceptions of other peoples’ successes and the debilitating role fear sometimes plays when we consider the big picture ways successes might change our life.

In this final post I want to talk about some of the ways we can break down our fears, confront them and ultimately understand our goals and dreams in a way which no longer overwhelms us, but rather frees us to enjoy, rather than fear the process. I don’t have all the answers, and I am writing about this because it is something that I struggle with, but I will just describe some of the things I have found useful in understanding what success means to me and what achieving it might look like.
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Why Does Success Scare Me?

by Andy Mort | 2 Comments

According to the OED success is “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose”.

In my last post I discussed the way that success is often seen as an extrinsic rather than intrinsic notion, as we are judged on the rewards we get for our work, rather than the work itself. Public opinion uses stereotypes to box its understanding of what apparently successful people in our particular field have been rewarded with in the past, so that it can judge us in the present. This brings with it the unhelpful yet prevalent idea of ‘making it’, which we hear in all fields. It is an abstract concept that nobody ever achieves, which only serves to make most people feel like failures at every stage of progress. It also leads to a life in which we are never content, and always living to serve the judgement of stereotypes rather than the intrinsic passions inside us all. This is the problem when success is evaluated by money and fame, both of which are in essence substantially valueless.

In this post I want to think about success as something that inhibits our incentive to work.
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Can We All Be Successful?

by Andy Mort | 6 Comments

In the world of creativity and art you hear the term ‘make it’ a lot. I don’t mean with regards to the creation of the art, but rather in terms of whether or not you have achieved success.

‘When do you think you will make it then?’

‘Did you see that x seems to be finally making it?’

‘When will you give up on this if you haven’t made it by then?’
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