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music industry Archives - Sheep Dressed Like Wolves

This post was written by Andy Mort



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By Andy Mort

#076: Creating and Distributing Art in a Post-Industrial World Part 1 [Podcast]

by Andy Mort | No Comments


“Anything can be creative – you bring that quality to the activity. Activity itself is neither creative nor uncreative. You can paint in an uncreative way. You can sing in an uncreative way. You can clean the floor in a creative way. You can cook in a creative way.”  – Osho

This is the first of a series of three podcasts looking at the way we create, distribute, and interact with a post-industrial world.


Things have changed a LOT over the past couple of decades and in this series of shows I summarise a presentation that I recently put together encouraging young people to think differently about their future. This first part is about creativity and the common acceptance of art as commodity.

Everyone is waking up to the necessity of creativity, which is not easy in a world of automation and industrial mindset.

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New Containers for Content

by Andy Mort | 4 Comments

There has been a lot said recently about the ‘state of the music industry’ and the battle against music piracy and questionable file sharing. I don’t want to just repeat what has already been said but I figured that it would be good to set out a few of the points that I have found helpful when addressing the issue and explain why I think that it is a waste of time to worry ourselves, as independent artists on this topic.

In all honesty, I think the situation we are in is brilliant, and despite what people like Lily Allen and James Blunt would tell you, music piracy is not a problem for new British music (a very narrow-minded and one dimensional argument), in fact it is the stimulation that we have needed for a long time.

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