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Immersion Song-Writing Weekend with Tom Robinson

Earlier this year Tom Robinson (BBC 6Music) invited me on a weekend in the Kent countryside (careful how you say it) for two days of ‘immersion song-writing’. The idea was based around techniques divised by the Immersion Composition Society with a target to write 20 songs from scratch in 36 hours alongside a dozen or so other musicians. Unfortunately I was unable to make it due to the dwelling of swathes of volcanic ash above my head as I was stuck in Stockholm.

Fortunately, however, Tom gave me another opportunity and last Saturday morning I awoke at 5.30am and drove to Bore Place just outside of Seven Oaks. Greeted by coffee, pastries, Tom and his lovely wife Sue, I managed to pull myself to life and was ready to get writing.

It was a fantastically fun weekend and truly inspiring. Being surrounded by beautiful scenery, beautiful people and the creation of music was the perfect way to spend two days. I ended up spending most of the weekend working on collaborations – working with others was too good an opportunity pass up.

On the Sunday afternoon we spent a few hours listening to what everyone had come up with – it was then that it really struck me quite how talented a group I was with. I left with a real sense of life and vibrancy and with a strange new perspective on the idea of what it means to write.

Tom Robinson is a remarkable man and a genuine example of someone with a beautiful heart for other people. There are people who, if in his position spend their life on an ego trip handing out unnecessary artistic ‘advice’ whether it was asked for or not, not Tom. He has a way of encouraging you through respect for what you do – the reason he invited us to Bore Place was because he was into what we had done previously, not because he wanted to change us. After all, as we discovered, there are infinite ways to write a song and the beauty is in the fact that no one can tell you how to do it. You’ve just got to explore. With mutual respect and the level playing field that this brought, it meant that we were all free to work together, enjoy one another’s methods and become open to different ways of working.

A big thanks to Tom and Sue, as well as everyone who was there. I feel inspired, now.

Check out the following artists – they were all on the weekend, and they are ALL really great people.

Sarah Williams White

Ben Dancer from Vinyl Jacket

Carwyn Ginsberg from FENNEL SEEDS

Tom Grundy from TOODAR

Alex Singh from PANDAS & PEOPLE

Ruth Theodore


Ross, aka Lies

Doya from The Beaus

Jules Parker

Tom Robinson

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Ten Days Off (A documentary about my trip to Scandinavia)

On 03, Jun 2010 | No Comments | In Uncategorized | By Andy Mort

In April I went to Scandinavia with my friend Dan.

We met our friend Lucille out there.

We documented much of what we did. Not in a sad, pathetic, care more about the video than the trip sort of way…well maybe, but we had some exciting times, including nearly touching the Queen of Denmark, I played a gig and we got “stuck” in Stockholm under the giant ash cloud.

We finally managed to circumcise four hours of footage to a manageable, watchable and even dare I say enjoyable length, and it has been pieced together in a coherent and amusing style so that you too can experience every smell, site and sound from our life-changing adventure.

The first part is below, there are six more. You can find the entire set BY CLICKING HERE. Please enjoy, thank you.

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