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ash cloud Archives - Sheep Dressed Like Wolves

This post was written by Andy Mort

Immersion Song-Writing Weekend with Tom Robinson

by Andy Mort | No Comments

Earlier this year Tom Robinson (BBC 6Music) invited me on a weekend in the Kent countryside (careful how you say it) for two days of ‘immersion song-writing’. The idea was based around techniques divised by the Immersion Composition Society with a target to write 20 songs from scratch in 36 hours alongside a dozen or so other musicians. Unfortunately I was unable to make it due to the dwelling of swathes of volcanic ash above my head as I was stuck in Stockholm.

Fortunately, however, Tom gave me another opportunity and last Saturday morning I awoke at 5.30am and drove to Bore Place just outside of Seven Oaks. Greeted by coffee, pastries, Tom and his lovely wife Sue, I managed to pull myself to life and was ready to get writing.

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Ten Days Off (A documentary about my trip to Scandinavia)

by Andy Mort | No Comments

In April I went to Scandinavia with my friend Dan.

We met our friend Lucille out there.

We documented much of what we did. Not in a sad, pathetic, care more about the video than the trip sort of way…well maybe, but we had some exciting times, including nearly touching the Queen of Denmark, I played a gig and we got “stuck” in Stockholm under the giant ash cloud.

We finally managed to circumcise four hours of footage to a manageable, watchable and even dare I say enjoyable length, and it has been pieced together in a coherent and amusing style so that you too can experience every smell, site and sound from our life-changing adventure.

The first part is below, there are six more. You can find the entire set BY CLICKING HERE. Please enjoy, thank you.