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Podcast Sheep Dressed Like Wolves is a weekly podcast, presented by Andy Mort. It is the podcast for Reluctant Leaders and Gentle Rebels who live, love and make an impact with the things they build in this strange and absurd world. It is for those who want to work differently, think creatively and become artists by challenging the assumptions that have shaped their views of themselves, their experiences, and culture. Its aim is to encourage our interdependent growth, building character and developing the patience and critical thinking processes that will help us find creative solutions to the everyday issues and absurdities faced by all of us in our modern world.



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By Andy Mort

#009: Smells and Memories

by Andy Mort | No Comments


Download from iTunes.

This week’s podcast is not just for your ears. For the first time you can watch it too, which is fun. It is all about the way our memories are stimulated by senses and the power of smell in this process.

The question is will you be inviting your friends over for a sniff show after your next holiday?

The musical sounds this week are provided by the following great artists. All available on Bandcamp. Go support them if you like them:

Sam Airy – The Blackout
The Middle East – Hunger
Ivan Moult – What’s in a Word
John Garden – Asylum
The Echelon Effect – Songs from Mosaic

Watch the stream of the podcast here: