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‘Empire of the Soul’ Released as a Mask

On 27, Feb 2012 | No Comments | In Creativity | By Andy Mort

Empire of the Soul is being released as a mask.

When you buy the physical version you will get the digital download of the two tracks, and then a white mask will be posted to you.

Order it here.


When you receive the mask you can do what you like with it BUT…

It would be great if you could take a picture of you/someone wearing it and send the photo to us so it can be displayed on the Atlum Schema website and in the digital inlay for the single. You can either leave it white, or decorate it however you like.

If you are feeling super creative, you could hold up a message (like those in the video). The message should ideally be something snappy that we might say outwardly (and tell ourselves), but is undermined by the way we behave, either as an individual or as a collective, for example ‘I Trust You’ (how often do we say that and act counter to it?) Or vice versa, something that is an underlying and unspoken fear, which might stimulate our behaviour, for example ‘I Don’t Want to Lose Control’, or ‘I’m scared of Losing Her’ (these fears can lead to all sorts of irrational and hypocritical behaviours).

Just use your imagination. There are no real rules – apart from to simply get creative. I would absolutely love to get a whole bunch of different people in different places, with different messages displayed on the website and in the digital inlay for the single. Use it as your opportunity to display something that you find weird, funny or just plain hypocritical about the way that we behave as humans.

Have fun and spread the word.

PS. If you can’t afford to buy the single but still want to get involved you can use your own mask/face covering. I’m not picky and I don’t want a monopoly. If you have a mask, would like to make a mask etc then I’m not going to force you to buy from me. But I DO want your photos!

Order it here.

Andy Mort

Andy Mort is a UK based musician and writer. He is the founder of Sheep Dressed Like Wolves: a Blog and Podcast helping introverts and highly sensitive people recognise and embrace their creativity; and identify what is holding them back from living with the passion, purpose, and meaning they seek in a sometimes overwhelming world.

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