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Welcome to Sheep Dressed Like Wolves

My name is Andy. I am a writer and podcaster; I help introverts and highly sensitive people smash through the internal barriers that get in the way of them making their unique creative impact in the world so that they can thrive with the clarity, confidence and self-permission they need to pursue their biggest dreams and make them happen without getting overwhelmed or burned out.TEDx

Sheep Dressed Like Wolves is the Blog and Podcast for people I like to think of as Gentle RebelsThose of us who feel an urge to step up and make a positive and creative difference in a world, despite the fact that doing so is scary and uncomfortable.

I help encourage, inspire, and equip other introverted and Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) looking to find meaning and variety in their own lives. I want to assist so that they can live out their deep passion and purpose and make their unique gentle impact on a loud world that maybe easily overwhelms them.

The website is for:

  • Those of us who do NOT necessarily recognise ourselves as ‘creative’ because we don’t feel equipped, clever enough, or part of the right crowd to justify such a label.
  • Those of us who constantly compare our messy insides with other peoples’ shiny outsides.
  • Those of us who feel unsure and overwhelmed about who we are, what we’re doing, and how we can make the breakthrough to start pursuing the things we are passionate about.
  • Those of us who often feel like we are on the outside of our social and professional circles. We are overwhelmed and distracted by too many people, the mood of the crowd, and too much sensory input.
  • Those of us who enjoy spending time alone.
  • Those of us who love spending time with other people even though we find it exhausting.
  • Those of us who are desperate to find meaning and purpose in what we do, and find it difficult to settle for what is expected of us by other people.
  • Those of us who find the idea of disappointing people by not doing what is expected of us hard to reconcile within ourselves.
  • Those of us who want to make a difference but have absolutely no idea where to start.
  • Those of us who long to do things we see others doing but always perceive other people as more creative, more confident, like they know what they are doing, and like they find it very easy to do what we can seemingly only dream of.
  • Those of us who are forever on the cusp of giving up.

Through this blog and podcast I want to de-construct and explore this stuff and to help introverts and highly sensitive people recognise and overcome what is holding us back from living with the passion, purpose, and meaning we seek.

If this chimes with you then my free e-book is definitely for you. Click Here to Find Out More.