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Sheep Dressed Like Wolves -

This post was written by Andy Mort

Why I Love Sport…Even Though I’m an HSP!

by Andy Mort | No Comments

Highly Sensitive People don’t like sport. We can’t stand adrenaline-fuelled competitive activities. It jibes with the sensitive temperament…apparently.



Well, not for this HSP anyway. And not for many others who have responded when I’ve spoken about this in the past.

I love sport

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#161: Does Fear of ‘Being a Nuisance’ Ever Stop You From Acting? [Podcast]

by Andy Mort | No Comments


Do you try to avoid being a nuisance? Staying out of the way and not pushing your own preferences onto others. Maybe people even think you let people take advantage of you?

HSP nuisance

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#160: 6 Characteristics of Relationships Where Introverts Can Thrive [Podcast]

by Andy Mort | No Comments


No one wants to ‘feel’ alone in the sense of feeling isolated and lonely.

We understand the importance of alone time and solitude, but we also know that as humans it’s vital for all of us to engage socially. But it doesn’t always feel great. Sometimes relationships can feel a lot more trouble than they’re worth.

However, this doesn’t always have to be the case. Relationships are an inevitable part of life, and create plenty of great stuff that you can’t find when you’re alone.

The truth is when we find ‘our’ people things change for the better.

Relationships That Thrive

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#159: 7 ways NOT to Respond When Information Overload Strikes [Podcast]

by Andy Mort | No Comments


Do you believe everything you read online?

Of course not. What a dumb question.

But I reckon that most of us believe more than we would like to think. We show that in the way we respond with outrage and hype whenever someone deserves the wrath of the mob.

Why do we react like this? I believe one of the reasons is information overload.

Information Overload

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Signs You’re Stuck in The Productivity Trap (and How to Escape)

by Andy Mort | 2 Comments

Around every corner of the internet there is something written about ‘productivity’. If you’re anything like me the word probably makes you squirm. It’s a term that just gives me a feeling of discomfort. Maybe it conjures the words of Radiohead’s dystopian and rather accurately timeless reading of society in 1997.

It’s a concept we use for machines and factories. It’s a word that ascribes value based on the effectiveness of a person or thing measured purely by its efficiency and the quality of its output in relation to input.

It can feel kind of dehumanising and abusive at times. It’s a standard to which we are supposed to subscribe. We all want to be ‘more productive’; there are thousands of books, blogs, podcasts and training courses on the subject.

But what does it mean and what is the point of this never-ending strive for better productivity?

Productivity Begets Productivity

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In Podcast

By Andy Mort

#158: Seven Lessons I’ve Learned About Life from Creating Interviews [Podcast]

by Andy Mort | 2 Comments


Do you ever think about what goes into the interviews you listen to?

In this week’s episode I want to talk about what I’ve learned after four years of conducting interviews with a whole range of different guests. As it becomes an ever-increasingly popular format for many podcasts and video channels I wanted to share some of my reflections on why I believe it is so important to value quality over quantity and hone the craft of good questioning and thorough research.

Good Interviews and Human Interactions

We can learn a lot from the construction of good interviews. Right from the moment you decide which guests to approach, the way you reach out to them, to the way you research and then conduct the interview itself. There are some important lessons that we can use to make our lives and relationships work in better ways.

Life Lessons From Interviews

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The Sense of Humour for The Highly Sensitive Person

by Andy Mort | No Comments

My single most favourite thing about being human is the gift of humour. The fact that we can experience laughter; that we are able to respond to things we would call ‘funny’ with joy and surprise. I love that!

We use it in times of crisis. We use it to escape the world; we use it to confront the world. We use it to speak uncomfortable truths and disarm people. We use it to break down barriers and unite us in our experiences of the world and one another. We use it to change the way we see the world.

Sense of Humour

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