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This post was written by Andy Mort



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By Andy Mort

#115: Don’t ‘Man Up': Get Tuned Into Your Sensitivity

by Andy Mort | No Comments


As introverts and highly sensitive people we may have a tendency to focus on our weaknesses rather than our strengths. What we wish we were able to do rather than what we CAN do.

It’s time to focus on our strengths. We must look at improving the areas that are already tilted in our favour. 

In this week’s podcast I consider this in light of what it means to tune into your sensitivity, i.e. identifying the things that you notice about the world, and allowing them to influence your relationship with it.

man up

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Your Best Work is Still Ahead of You…Now, Do You Believe It?

by Andy Mort | No Comments

Your best work is still ahead of you.

Is that your mantra?

It really must be, otherwise what’s the point?

If you say it enough times you might even start to believe it.

When you begin looking at the world and your life through that kind of lens, anything might happen.

‘What purpose is your attitude serving?’

I have this question written on the whiteboard in my workspace. My answer is the backbone of everything that I do each day.

Best Work is Still Ahead

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#114: Social Media Truths for Introverts to Remember

by Andy Mort | No Comments


In December 2008 I joined Twitter after getting an email from Derek Sivers asking people if they were using it yet. It was going to be huge and musicians needed to start utilising it.

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 07.22.45

It’s funny to think that there was a time when there was no frame of reference in my head for the format and function of Twitter. I trusted Derek’s authority and began exploring it.

Truths About Social Media for Introverts

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Do You Recognise The Early Signs of Social Isolation?

by Andy Mort | 5 Comments

How do you remain connected with other people without compromising your solitude?

This is a question that was emailed to me recently. I felt it was probably useful to explore as a post because it’s something I know I struggle with, as do many other introverted and highly sensitive people.

It may sound like a strong term but social isolation is a potential danger for many of us. It’s a phrase we may associate with older people when they become less active and able to engage in their community, but social isolation can easily occur whatever age we are.

Social Isolation

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#113: Don’t Lose Your Creative Spark Amidst Change and Upheaval [Podcast]

by Andy Mort | No Comments


In this episode of the podcast I explore three reasons why during times of change and upheaval it’s so important to express ourselves creatively.

I mentioned in the show that I have created a Patreon page so that if you would like to support Sheep Dressed Like Wolves financially then you can. If you don’t know what Patreon is, it allows you to pledge support (however much you choose) for digital content on an ongoing basis.

This allows you to communicate your support for the show and encourage me to remain consistent in the creation of this content and in constantly seeking to take it to the next level. I am so incredibly thankful to those of you who continue to listen every week and for those of you decide to show your support by becoming a Patreon supporter (list of supporters here).

Become a Patron

If you don’t want to pledge financially but would still like to show your support for what I’m doing then you can do here.

Amidst the Change and Upheaval

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7 Ways to Recharge When You’re Feeling Drained of Social Energy

by Andy Mort | 3 Comments

I’ve just finished my first week on call at my new job as a funeral service operative. Life took an unexpected turn as I embarked on the role of ‘part-time’ undertaker a couple of months ago.

Even though I only had one callout in the early hours, the anticipation, the new experiences and the general emotional toil has really drained me this week.

Social Energy Depletion

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By Andy Mort

#112: The 5 Voices that Keep Your Limiting Beliefs Alive [Podcast]

by Andy Mort | No Comments


A belief is a feeling or conviction, a sense of certainty about what something is or what something means. Limiting beliefs are mostly unconscious. You do not openly decide what you’re going to believe about who you are and what you think you’re capable of (or not).

We all want to change certain parts of our life that make us unhappy, whether that’s a habit, a relationship, or simply a way of thinking about things. But limiting beliefs are what drag us into the same old patterns of thought and behaviour. We tell ourselves we will never be brave enough, rich enough, fit enough, intelligent enough, or in the right place to do what we truly want to do.

If you want to grow and see positive transformation in your life you must first become aware of the limiting beliefs that you are allowing to speak and keep you where you are.

What story do we tell ourselves about who we are? Where does that story come from?

Sunrise by the lake

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When You Find Yourself In the Middle of Conflict…

by Andy Mort | No Comments

It is happening again.

Two people at loggerheads, be it colleagues, friends, or family…and then you, somewhere in the middle.

Have you ever found yourself in this position?

Caught in the Middle of Conflict

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Do You Really Know What Motivates You?

by Andy Mort | No Comments

In the Haven this month we will be exploring what ambition and success looks like to us as introverts and highly sensitive people.

These are words that might make us uncomfortable at times, especially when we associate them with the extrinsic, reward-based, definitions that society so often conditions us with.

Success = fame, money, awards etc

This month we are considering alternative ways to think about and measure how we think of success. Much of it comes down to our motivation, which as we will see can lead us to believe in ambitions that aren’t quite what they seem.

What would happen we took the time to identify what success looks like to us as individuals rather than following other peoples’ or the world’s ideas for what we SHOULD want?

Is it possible to actually turn off the endless distractions that come at us day in and day out from the noise of the world?

What are you motivated by? What does that motivation lead you to do?

These are all questions we will be thinking about this month over in the members area. If you would like to explore this stuff with us then come and join us in there. Click here to find out more.

What are Your True Motivations?

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#111: Do You Ever Get the Feeling You’re Being Watched? [Podcast]

by Andy Mort | One Comment


How do you respond when you’re competing or being watched/observed?

According to Elaine Aron, one of the statements that someone who experiences high processing sensitivity (a ‘Highly Sensitive Person’) might identify with is:

“When I must compete or be observed while performing a task, I become so nervous or shaky that I do much worse than I would otherwise.”

Does this ring true for you? How do you like being watched?

Do you ever get the feeling you're being watched?

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