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Sheep Dressed Like Wolves -

This post was written by Andy Mort

#144: The Five Classic Pitfalls of Habit Change [Podcast]

by Andy Mort | No Comments


Welcome to Episode 144 of the Sheep Dressed Like Wolves Podcast. The show is finally back after a short impromptu break. I explain why this happened.

In this episode we explore habits. This year I have read Charles Duhigg’s ‘The Power of Habit’ and Gary Keller’s ‘The One Thing’, both of which have some very simple and important things to say about how to make big changes to our lives by doing small things. In this show I unpack some of the key takeaways that I gained from both books.

The Power of Habit

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Why Sometimes the Most Productive Thing You Can Do Is Stop

by Andy Mort | No Comments

I’ve written this sentence and others like it about 15 times now.

But I keep deleting it and trying again.

Right that’s it, I’ll leave it this time… I’ve got to start somewhere.

Enough is enough. I’m getting back on the horse. Buoyed by the fact that I manage to convince myself to get to the gym after work this evening, I’m making the most of the momentum that mini victory has given me.

This morning I realised that I haven’t written anything of any substance for over a month now. To be perfectly honest I don’t feel like writing this now. But if I’ve learned one thing during my 30 years on this planet it’s that if I wait for ‘the right time’ to start something then I’ll be waiting for a very long time.

The answer for me seems to be to reach a point of despair and while I’m not paying attention invoke a small kick of will power. To act on something positive despite not feeling like it. And to use each small step as a launch pad for the next tiny win. Eventually it becomes a habit again.

not always productive to be productive

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#143: Self-Preservation in the Face of Disappointment [Podcast]

by Andy Mort | No Comments


Welcome to Episode 143 of the Sheep Dressed Like Wolves Podcast. In this show I examine some ways in which we experience a fear of things ending and the impact that can have on our lives. How can we become mindful of the present and really embrace who we are, where we are, without self-sabotaging in the process of self-preservation?

Self-Preservation and Fear of Disappointment

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Why Your Cynicism May Be Stopping You From Changing the World

by Andy Mort | 3 Comments

In a speech she delivered at the premier of the film ‘Sensitive: The Untold Story’, Elaine Aron shared her personal mission statement with the audience:

“The Expansion of Consciousness”

She sees her book (The Highly Sensitive Person), and now the film as playing their part in supporting this vision. They are tasked with ensuring the expansion of public consciousness on the topic of high sensitivity so that societies around the world may come to understand what those who possess the trait can bring to the table.

Cynicism is Futile

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In Podcast

By Andy Mort

#142: Five Self-Sabotage Tools in the Resistance Toolbox [Podcast]

by Andy Mort | 2 Comments


Welcome to Episode 142 of the Sheep Dressed Like Wolves Podcast. It is three days late. I was prepared to write off the idea of publishing one this week at all…

But then I re-read Steven Pressfield’s timeless classic, the War of Art while on a train. It hit me between the eyes and I realised that I had to defeat ‘The Resistance’.

The Resistance

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How Does Soap Opera Community Impact Your Worldview?

by Andy Mort | No Comments

Soap operas are a fictitious exercise of life stretched, magnified, and unravelled. They show us life as it isn’t quite. Far-fetched but kind of believable. And we connect with them. The drama, the simplicity, and the flawed yet idealistic ways the characters interact with life.

Soap Opera Community
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#141: Why I’m Drawn to Your Vulnerability but Repelled by Mine [Podcast]

by Andy Mort | No Comments

“I want to experience your vulnerability but I don’t want to be vulnerable. Vulnerability is courage in you and inadequacy in me. I’m drawn to your vulnerability but repelled by mine.”

– Brené Brown (Daring Greatly)


Welcome to Episode 141 of the Sheep Dressed Like Wolves Podcast. In this episode I look at some of the factors that hold us back from daring to be vulnerable, and what we can do to take little steps to unleash our gentle insides on the world.

Vulnerability is Courage

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