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This post was written by Andy Mort

#165: Is Your Inner Chatterbox More Than An Overwhelming Nag? [Podcast]

by Andy Mort | No Comments


High Processing Sensitivity (being sensitive to subtleties in the world around) has been an important trait in human evolutionary history. It is widely accepted that Highly Sensitive People have been pretty vital in navigating us safely through the various dangers we face as a human race.

We hear a lot about external overwhelm; the high processing sensitivity of HSPs to sensory inputs like sudden loud noises, smells, fluorescent lights, tastes, textures and the like. There is another source of HSP overwhelm; unseen but intrinsically linked to external stimulation. Sensitivity to our own inner chatterbox.

Inner Chatterbox Noise

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Introverts and The Inner-World(s) of Thoughts and Ideas

by Andy Mort | No Comments

Are you naturally interested in what goes on beneath the surface?

One of the characteristics of introverted people is that they create their energy when “focussing more on the inner world of thoughts and ideas”. Whereas more extroverted people achieve ‘highs’ from their surroundings and external experiences.

But what does ‘the inner world of thoughts and ideas’ mean? Can we enjoy this part of who we are without turning into self-absorbed antisocial ego maniacs?

Of course!

And anyway…it’s not all about OUR thoughts and ideas.

The World of Thoughts and Ideas

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#164: Are You a Highly Sensitive Person With Low Self-Esteem? [Podcast]

by Andy Mort | No Comments


Our world suffers from a chronic self-esteem deficit.

We judge externalities and are forever encouraged to compare ourselves with one another. Capitalist society is built on this foundation.

Low Self-Esteem

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‘Convenience’ is The Biggest Destroyer of Your Enjoyment

by Andy Mort | No Comments

Apparently there is a difference between pleasure and enjoyment. Who knew?

I guess I’ve always just thrown them into the same pot and used them interchangeably. But thanks to Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi who has been my audiobook companion over the past couple of weeks, the difference is clear (I’ve been listening to his seminal work, ‘Flow: The Psychology of Happiness).

So what is pleasure and how does it differ to enjoyment?

Enjoyment vs Pleasure

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#163: Why It Might Be Good For You to Stop Taking Personality Tests [Podcast]

by Andy Mort | No Comments


In his latest book, The Path: A New Way to Think About Everything, Michael Puett presents 8 things to do if you want to make positive and lasting changes to your life.

I had not come across Puett’s writing until recently when I saw him interviewed about the book. One of his points in particular made me sit up and listen:

…Stop Taking Personality Tests

Personality Tests: Good or Bad?

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Let’s Get it Done…Now: High Sensitivity and Precrastination

by Andy Mort | 2 Comments

Do you ever procrastinate?

I’m assuming you do from time to time. I mean, most of us have moments when we are happily distracted by anything that puts off the thing we’re supposed to be getting on with.

How about ‘precrastination’?

It turns out I’m a big precrastinator. Somewhat surprisingly, I’m pretty confident a lot of highly sensitive people probably are.

“Precrastination is the inclination to complete tasks quickly just for the sake of getting things done sooner rather than later.” 

HSP and Precrastination

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