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Sheep Dressed Like Wolves -

This post was written by Andy Mort

#151: Your Voice Will Shake, But Please Speak Up Anyway [Podcast]

by Andy Mort | No Comments


In the last episode we looked at why for introverts and highly sensitive people, our quietness is something to enjoy. It is a strength and something that we need to feel free to embrace if we want to grow deeper in becoming who we are. This episode takes that and builds on it in a different direction…

Reasons why we need to speak up. This might sound like a big contradiction but you will discover why it’s not in this week’s show.

Speak Up with Courage

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The Biggest Mistakes You May Be Making When You’re Alone

by Andy Mort | 3 Comments

Not all moments of solitude are born equal

Spending time alone is as important as breathing air for introverts and highly sensitive people. “Guard well your spare moments”?  Ralph Waldo Emerson warned, likening them to uncut diamonds. “Discard them and their value will never be known. Improve them and they will become the brightest gems in a useful life.” 

But how do you ensure that those moments alone are actually valuable? Do you know the difference between creative and destructive solitude?

The Best Use of Alone Time

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#150: Finally, an Answer to the Question: Why Are You So ‘Quiet’? [Podcast]

by Andy Mort | No Comments


Have you ever had it kindly pointed out to you that you are quiet?

I bet you have, and if you’re like many introverts and highly sensitive people it can have a draining effect over time. Welcome to Episode 150 of the Sheep Dressed Like Wolves Podcast. In this show I consider 5 questions we can reflect on when we begin to feel like we are ‘too quiet’ and resent our natural orientation to the world.

We will discover why we must enjoy rather than resent this quietness, and see it as our biggest strength that can actually unlock the door to us making an impact on the world.

Ever Been Told You're Too Quiet?

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Build a Responsibility Laboratory: Twist Peoples’ Minds

by Andy Mort | No Comments

Responsibility: urgh. Such an adult word.

It comes in sentences like ‘you need to take more responsibility’ when you’re happy coasting, or ‘come on, it’s time for you to start taking responsibility for these things’ when you have to start booking your own dentist appointments and car services.

I don’t know about you but I kind of hate being an adult. Responsibility pretty much sucks. The type that basically means ‘if I don’t do it then it wont get done’.

But there is another sort of responsibility that I do enjoy. It’s a kind that involves a bit of a tenuous breaking up of the word…

A Different Kind of Responsibility

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#149: Stop Drifting, Start Writing Your Next Year as a Story [Podcast]

by Andy Mort | No Comments


Welcome to Episode 149 of the Sheep Dressed Like Wolves Podcast. It’s more or less the start of a new year and I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about some of the questions I’ve been asking myself as I step into 2016.

I was going to publish this episode last week but felt compelled to put out my reflections on David Bowie instead. 

Your Year is a Story

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The Inner Conflict: People-Pleasing vs Doing What Matters

by Andy Mort | 2 Comments

As a highly sensitive person do you experience inner conflict between a desire to keep people happy and a desire to pursue your deeper ambitions?

It can sometimes feel like you need to choose between them; attempt to people-please and maintain the peace, or do something that matters to you but at the risk of unsettling the apple cart, even just a small amount.

There is a very real inner conflict here. One which can be a huge stumbling block to us as highly sensitive people because it can stop us from aiming for those things in life that truly matter to us. It can stop us from even admitting to ourselves those things we deep down want to do with our lives.

The internal discord and guilt that comes from feeling like you have chosen yourself over someone else can be huge. It can overwhelm, distract and impede any progress until you know that people are harmonious and happy.

The problem is however that the world is not quite so black and white. Peace and harmony are not always quite so easy to instil.

Inner Conflict: People Pleasing vs Pursuing Your Ambition

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By Andy Mort

#148: ‘That was so Bowie’, I thought to myself [Podcast]

by Andy Mort | No Comments


I did have a brand new episode of the podcast ready to share with you. It was scheduled and ready to go but then I felt compelled to pull it at the last minute. With the news of David Bowie’s death on Monday I felt moved to make some sense of what I have learned from his life and how we can apply some of his genius and wisdom in our own lives too.

So I’m sharing that podcast episode with you instead.

The Outtakes of David Bowie's Iconic _Heroes_ Album Cover Shoot (1)

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